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April Brings Foolishness to SpinDizzy

April 1 brought two public pranks to SpinDizzy, both started by posts on the Rose Garden Bulletin Board.

The first perpetrator was Morticon, wallaby, who made an early morning post claiming that he had “received a cease and desist order from the RIAA concerning the frequent linking to music by residents” and would be contacting a lawyer soon for advice.

The second stunt began in the evening, when Beltrami, balloon dragon, posted an announcement that she intended to run in an upcoming open election for Wizard, a move that echoed her original bid for Mayor (a previously nonexistent position) in 2007. She then began handing out “Beltrami for Wizard” buttons to those assembled in the Rose Garden. Several appeared to be taken in by the prank, in some cases expressing consternation about having Wizard elections, or simply asking when an announcement of elections had been made. Xor, Boolean entity, responded with a post announcing his own intention to run for the position and earnestly discussing his qualifications.

Morticon and Beltrami both posted retractions on April 2. Xor responded with a post titled “Xor for Village Idiot” in which he promised “to wear the Conic Hat of Shame, whenever desired, and do silly dances in return for fish.”

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  1. Xor

    April 3, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

    So far, I have no competitors. As such, please direct all votes for Xor to the Boolean Embassy (Xor), in the form of fish. Thank you, and LOCAL DEITY HERE bless LOCAL NAME HERE.

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