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2015 Mayoral Debate Transcript

Wednesday evening the mayoral candidates’ debate was held in City Hall.  Thanks to all the candidates and citizens for their attendance and participation, and please remember that voting begins at midnight SpinDizzy time tonight!  A transcript of the debate follows.

–Kefan, SpinDizzy Board of Elections

Kefan says, “All right, I think we can begin.  Ladies, gentlemen, both and neither, welcome to the 2015 Spindizzy mayoral debate!”
Austin claps.
Sally wingclaps.  It makes a muffled ‘foomf-foomf’ sound.
Bleu looks moderately toonish…
Terrence finds a place to sit, which generates a place for Kammy to sit, if she likes.
Kamare oohs, occupies Terry’s lap, snuggling him.
Jukka applauds as well!
Kandra claps slowly.
Terrence rests his muzzle atop Kammy’s head and rubs her tummy as he listens.
Kefan says, “The format tonight is a brief round-robin where each candidate will be invited to ask a question of another candidate, interspersed with questions from the floor (if any).  If you are in the audience, and you would like to ask a question, please whisper/page it to Mina, who will be the moderator in charge of those questions.”
Mina waveswaves!  She’s here!  Feel free to whisper whenever.
Kandra says, “…I was under the impression it would be opened to anyone who wanted to ask a question of anywone afterwards, though.”
Kefan says, “After the round robin will be open questions, and if candidates have further questions for each other, will they please wait until then and whisper/page them to me, and Mina and I will sort out for our selves how to order them.”
Kandra says, “Huh.”
Niny’ah nibbles on her kebabs and offers Jukka some of her chickpea salad
Azure sips a nice cup of tea, and glows with the awesome Tea Power.
Jukka nibbles chickpea salad!
Kefan says, “Hopefully that’s straightforward, and I would now like to invite the candidates to introduce themselves and make any brief opening statement they might have.”
Sirianna sips a mango lassi, and purrs as she partakes of deliciousness.
Kefan says, “You may all do so at once.”
Bleu eats a seafood salad.
Kefan adds hastily.  😀
Terrence noms on vixie ears.
Kandra says, “So who goes first with this?”
Kandra says, “Oh.”
Bleu bows. “Citizens, I am Bleu  and A Vote for Me is a Vote for Fun. Thank you.”
Sirianna purrls and shares hers, then! “I hope everyone’s having a great evening so far, and thank you all for coming. I’m Sirianna Vasa, and I’m one of the folks trying to convince you to vote for one of us tonight. While I hope you’ll pick me to vote for, I’d like to take the rest of this statement and use it to ask something else of you: I’d like to ask everyone here to stay involved even after the election season ends. All of the ambitions any of the mayoral candidates have to keep events interesting and fun hinges on more than just their plans! We can’t do what we promise without you. So please, keep coming to the food trucks and the group stories, the fun on the beach or whatever you enjoy, and stay involved. Thank you.”
Kamare murrbles quietly.
“Hello everyone, my name is Thurisaz Lysander. As resident large (normally) dragon,” Thurisaz lowers his head, in respect to the other candidates, than the citizens of spindizzy. “I plan to bring a more open RP space for all, in both open and publicly located RP & Events.”
Featherwing adjusts the mic to suit his little ‘vee stature. “I’m Featherwing of the LunaStar dragon clan. Simply put, I’m your ear to bend if you have stuff you want to plan, set up, or just generally want to talk. Got an RP? Come see me and if it requires any extra work, we’ll be happy to help.”
Azure stands up straight, taking a breath, “My fellow Spindizzians. You may be wondering why I am standing here on this ocelot’s head. It might surprise you to know that it is because I am running for Mayor of this world. Mostly for fun. I won’t claim it’s because I like it here so much, even though I do. But simply because I think running is kind of fun and people told me they wanted me to. If I don’t win, I won’t care particularly, I’ll likely help whoever IS elected do stuff. If I do win, I’ll have fun organizing events. Each candidate has their strengths, I’m more exuberant, generally, than my opponents, and I believe myself to be better at spinning something interesting off on a shoestring and a song on short notice, without needing a plan. And I’m quite confident I could best any of them in a battle of filking, but most of them would do quite fine jobs as well. Either way, I promise to do what I can to entertain and delight you. To be ridiculous, serious, to lie, cheat, steal, or speak the truth of I think it might make you amused or delighted. My name is Azure. All the other candidates are named Azure, too. I know some of them don’t agree, but they’re jsut confused. Don’t hold it against them. If you like any of us, that’s the name you want to rank first on your ballot.
Kandra giggles.
Sirianna giggles quietly.
Cyril chuckles softly.
Thurisaz sniffs at Sirianna and Azure, smiling :>
Tash-Ki’ira snerks.
Terrence snickers.
Askric has connected.
Kandra stands up. “Well, then… my name is Kandra and I’m more or less the planetoid’s only real resident foxthingfox. I intensely dislike authoritarians. If you like, you can vote for me, and… I don’t know that I have anything else to say that’s all that exciting.”
Kamare giggles.
Bleu smiles, just a little
Kandra holds up a finger, “Also, I play the violin. Though I don’t know what relevance that has.”
Kandra bows.
Kefan says, “All right!  Thank you, we’re going to start the round robin with Kandra, and will you please direct your question to Azure.”
Kandra blinks, lifting her ears.
Kandra says, “I actually had an idea for this.”
Bleu watches closely.
Kandra turns towards Azure, clapping her paws together, “If elected, what theme song would you choose for SpinDizzy?”
Mina wanders through the audience, collecting any question they have for the candidates!  Please whisper them to her. 🙂  You know you want to.
Jaxen smiles, tail swishing.
Azure lifts his ears and looks at Kandra, “That’s a good question, but I don’t really have a good answer. I don’t think we’re really homogeneous enough to pick a single theme song. Given that we have cartoons bouncing around one moment and fairies flittering about, and then people playing a game of chess for world domination. And the world being doomed, somteimtes simultaneously from contradictory things, we need a whole soundtrack that goes everywhere from ridiculous to menacing and back again at the happy ending.”
Azure yips, “And everything else in between.”
Kandra grins.
Bleu hmms.
Kandra is unsure we’ve ever had people playing chess for world domination, but … it doesn’t seem totally inconceivable! And she hasn’t been here all that long, relatively speaking.
Sirianna politely claps for Azure’s answer ( and Kandra’s question ).
Azure yips, “Well, you can’t really play checkers for world domination.”
Bleu claps as well.
Kefan says, “Thank you, Azure, and now, Mina, if you have a question from the floor?”
Azure yips, “I mean, seriously. Skippity-hop-bounce and “HAHA! I RULE ALL!””
Terrence murrs, “Challenge ACCEPTED”
Maynard says, “Cartoons and fae playing chess to dominate the doomed world. Now there’s a plot hook worth following.”
J.P. grins at Terrence.  And gets out his cowbell and a synthesizer.
Kandra says, “You could have a five hundred game tournament”
Mina smiles, “I do!  Candidates, what is your favorite kind of cookie?”
Kandra says, “And the first person to get sick of it lose– oh huh.”
Bleu says, “Oatmeal Raisin.”
Sirianna ooohs quietly, “I’m rather partial to peanut butter cookies with a warm, melted bit of chocolate on top of it.” She starts to purr, which makes Kandra and Azure’s debate platform vibrate slightly.
Mina purrrrs too!  Delicious!
Featherwing ‘vees, “I would have to say chocolate chocolate chip… Can’t go wrong with too much chocolate!”
Azure turns to Mina, “My favorite kind of cookie is this Eastern European one, you make a thick, eggy batter with so many yolks and so much butter it’s nearly yellow, form it andp ut a thumbprint in the middle, then pour spiced honey syrup over it and let it soak in. The syrup’s a bit like that used for baklava.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “I enjoy a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie – crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. Granted, the ones I bake are 12″ at the smallest. I also enjoy variations with almonds. ”
Mina mmmms.  ALl good choices!
Bleu has a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies suddenly appear before him.
Kandra lifts her ears, “I can’t say I’m a connoiseur, but I think I’d like the thin, faintly chewy kind, perhaps flavored with chocolate/orange or something, swirled together, if that’s even possible to make. Which I think it is since I once made a cake that way.”
Azure smiles, petting Sirianna, settling down on her
Kefan moves into Azure’s cookie jar.
J.P. giggles.
Kefan says, “Er, *ahem*, I mean we’ll have the next round-robin question now.  Azure, will you please direct a question to Sirianna?”
Azure perks his ears.
Bleu has a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies suddenly appear before him.
Sirianna purrs and peeks up at Azure, waiting for the question!
Ruby perks her ears at the mention of giant cookies..
Azure stands up straight and looks down at Sirianna, “Your work with Holi last year was a spectacular success, and I know you have more ideas this year. Is there something about celebrations fromt he subcontinent that attracts you particularly, or did they just happen to be the ones to pop into your head with ideas about what to do with them?”
Kefan says, “I must admit, I’m amused that Azure will be, in a fashion, questioning his own current platform.  :D”
Bleu nibbles one of his cookies, as he watches Azure.
Terrence giggles.
Tash-Ki’ira grins at Kefan.
Jukka suspects that Siri’s food truck answers Azure’s question.
Azure . o O ( Obviously we need a food truck that sells Banh Mi sometime. )
Sirianna grins up at Azure, “That’s a good question, actually. I think the answer is that there’s a bit of both involved. Festivals from the subcontinent in question – even that whole region, the southeast of Asia – tend to be exuberant affairs, and I find that sort of energy to be invigorating. That being said, with Holi in particular I have a certain love colorful things and the festival of Holi in particular is quite literally marked with more color than one can safely shake a stick at.” She prrs, “So yes and yes, in a sense.”
Kefan says, “Thank you, Sirianna.  Mina, do we have another question from the floor, please?”
Thurisaz flares his wings in appreciation to Azure’s question, and Siri’s answer.
Mina nods! “I do!”  She reads, “Describe the color of the mischief you’d cause, as mayor?  And yes, color as in red, green, blue, etc.”
Mina still has room for more questions!  Please, whisper them to her. 🙂
Bleu says, “Blue as Bleu, of course…”
Bleu grins. “To state the obvious.”
Featherwing ponders this for a moment, then says, “I guess since I’m often a light color, mine would match, so I guess I’d have to say cyan.”
Azure adjusts an imaginary pair of glasses, turning to the audience, “I’m a computer and VERY friendly: Ultra-violet.”
Kandra blinks, lifting her ears, “That’s… an odd one. I’m tempted to say white, but that feels like cheating… I suspect it would be different combinations of colors, I tend to think that the way colors are put together is what makes them interesting or enjoyable (or the opposite) rather than single colors by themselves.”
Kandra says, “…ooh.”
Bleu says, “Deep.”
Kandra claps for Azure, “That’s very good.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “Hrm, what color would best describe my mischief? White, as the mischeif I cause will be clear to see, and will be inviting for all to join in and add their own palletes to the clean sheet”
Bleu says, “I should clarify… Mine is Blue for the common man… or woman. Or both…”
Tash-Ki’ira has to say, the timing of THAT question couldn’t have been better.
Sirianna giggles quietly at Azure. She offers up, “I’m going to have to go with golden yellow, just like the hue of my fur. I’ll no doubt be elbow deep in whatever trouble I cause, and ask any cat’s person, our hair gets -everywhere- when we’re involved.”
Mina giggles at Tash.  Yup!
Azure grins and pets Sirianna and Kandra both
Sondra scritches Jukka!
Kefan says, “Okay, thank you!  Sirianna, I’d like you to please ask a question of Bleu.”
Cyril hugs Tash.
Kandra hugs Azure.
Azure puts an arm ’round Kandra and hugs her back.
Sirianna purrs and turns to Bleu, “What holiday are most looking forward to coordinating should you become Mayor?”
Bleu sits up straighter, attentive.
BunnyHugger crosses her fingertoes.
Bleu smiles, and replies, “Well, as you all know, mustelids are special to me… Indeed, I am frequently found as an otter. Therefore, my response should come as no surprise. The holiday I look forward to most is Mustelid Appreciation Day. However, any holiday is a good and fun event, so really, I greatly look forward to coordinating them all.”
Terrence yipyaps to Konvix.
Kefan says, “Thank you!  Mina, may we have another from the floor, please?”
Mina nods!  “A very timely one:  What holiday celebration in recent memory do you remember the most fondly?”
Jukka tugs at his collar.
Terrence checks Jukka’s tags.
Tash-Ki’ira chuckles.  “the timings on these floor questions is great 😀
Sondra fluffs Konvix!
Konvix gets appropriately floofy
Mina tries!
Kamare snuggles Kona.
Kandra scratches the side of her head, “I think I perhaps have to say Holi. Is that recent enough?”
Bleu says, “Ah, I’d have to say… Remembrance Day, I think it’s called.”
Azure grins, “My favorite holiday ever was, honestly, Morality Day, the year everyone disappointed me by not violently feeding me to a gearbox to stop a train.”
Bleu says, “Scratch that, Expanding Horizons Day was truly memorable. I greatly enjoyed it.”
Terrence remembers that day. He dressed up for the occasion!
BunnyHugger ruffles her fur.
Featherwing hmms. “Pi day. That first bake off was quite interesting a couple years back.
Sirianna rubs her chin for a moment, thinking before she answers, “I’m going to have to say the recent Trick or Treating event – where we went from location to location? That was fun, and full of surprises.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “I’ve taken a long hiatus from spindizzy and only, within the year; but, I’d like to say it was Thanksgiving several years ago. It was when Motile opened a portal that connected Spindizzy to FurryMUCK in Real Time for about an hour. It was splendid, and very interesting.”
Kandra blinks
Kamare oohs.
Bleu says, “Wow.”
Jukka twiddles his fingers. Ah well. Hopefully the next mayor can learn from his mistakes.
Kefan says, “Thank you, and next in the round robin, Bleu, will you please ask a question of Thurisaz?”
Sirianna had to pick a favorite! It was hard.
Jaxen licks twiddly deer fingers.  😀
Kandra may not be at her cleverest ever.
Thurisaz folds his wings to his flanks and perks.
Cyril says, “Ah. Well, Siri’s probably gonna bring her truck around to the SED checkpoints sometime.”
Bleu nods, and looks to Thurisaz. “If you are elected, what will you select as the official food of SpinDizzy?”
Bleu . o O ( My question is lame. :/ )
Terrence would pick ‘replicator output’.
Kamare . o O ( To each their own… )
Valleyminks scratches her nose.
Cyril says, “What’s your job?”
Thurisaz regards Bleu for a moment, “That’s a hard question to answer.” he taptaps, “There’s a lot of different diets here on SpinDizzy. Lots of picky eaters too, that may or may not enjoy it, either from preference or from allergy.” he looks to Bleu, “I myself have a tolerence to milk and cream, yet I cream pies and desserts with lots of milk products. So, Mango cream pie, with lactose-free cream substitute” he grins, nothing is gonna stop dragon from enjoying a nice mango cream pie. Plus, it…kinda looks like a flat SpinDizzy :>
Kefan says, “All right, thank you, and Mina, may we have the next floor question please?”
Bleu licks his lips.
Cyril says, “Can’t really take time off then.”
Mina nods!  “Next question:  I’d like to know about the candidates’ previous experience! I know at least one of them has even been mayor before.”
Jaxen perks an ear.
Kamare yips, “Ooh, this’ll be interesting.”
Terrence’s ears perk.
Cyril says, “Can you explain how three beings can be one person?”
Azure yips, “You’ve never heard of symbiosis?”
Valleyminks nods?
Bleu stands, and bows. “I have been on SpinDizzy a year, now. I have kept something of a low profile, but, last October, entirely on my own initiative, I put together and hosted a Murder Mystery Masquerade. It was a big hit, and folks loved it. I have plans to host another, soon.” He bows. “Thank you.”
Kandra hrms.
Azure yips, “As to my experience, I once tried to take over the world. It turned out to be a bad idea. The experience lead me to enter politics instead.”
Sirianna purrs, “My qualifications span over the few years I’ve been here. The more recent of which is Holi this last Spring, and which I am organizing again for this year. Admittedly, some of the feedback on Holi is what’s spurred me to run this year. I’ve run other public RP areas in tandem with others before that, but honestly Holi is what I’m most proud of, and is the standard I’m going to be holding myself to.”
Kefan hehs.  Now that he thinks about it, maybe he should have opened the evening by playing “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”.
Featherwing ‘vees, “That begs the question, experience in -what-? If it’s in event planning, the Pi Day bakeoff I had a couple years back was a rousing success, the one the year after, not nearly as much, but that’s part of the learning process.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “I was not a mayor before, but in terms of experience, I am currently working with several people across SpinDizzy with different Roleplays. Each of varying degrees of public access. My satellite array, currently being repaired and outfitted in cooperation with the SED is nearing the date for a public viewing and public opening. My experience with initiating events is between spontaneous and structured, and I plan many more, regardless if I get elected.”
Cyril hugs Tash.
Askric crosses his arms, muttering, “Clearly we should just make them all mayor and have them all run their ideas.”
Kandra says, “Well, I’ve been here for a couple of years, occasionally doing things. I’ve ran a couple of Leaper series, one of which is still on-going. I tend to end up making things up on the fly… though now that I think about it I think I’ve never actually ran any other *public* things…”
Azure yips, “You had the mountain thing on Hallowe’en.”
Kandra says, “Oh! Yes, that.”
Valleyminks perks her ears. “I’ve met one, on one of the other nexus worlds.”
Kandra says, “That did seem to be a success.”
Azure yips, “And you’ve done a few bits of make-it-up-as-you-go-along spur of the moment playing around.”
Azure yips, “Like the Bureau of Resistance.”
Azure yips, “And similar stuff.”
Kefan says, “I have to say, I think this is the first time I’ve seen candidates help each other answer their questions.  :D”
Thurisaz turns to Askric, “There are many of us here today that all have similar ideas and goals in mind Askric. In fact, some of the other candidates expressed apponting some of the current candidates as deputies, should they get elected. I’m up for that idea as well.”
Kandra nods her head some.
Kandra . o O ( I might have read that ‘text’… what was it called… A Fire Upon the Deep, I think. )
Thurisaz rumbles, “Azure has his leaper program too. Very successful weekly events and adventures”
Kefan says, “Next in the round robin, Thurisaz, will you please ask a question of Featherwing?”
Askric smiles faintly. “Just need a first among peers, then.”
Featherwing perks an ear to his fellow dragon.
Valleyminks meets all sorts of people.
Terrence pets his lapvixen.
Claude head-butts Terrence.
BunnyHugger taps her foot.
Terrence petpets the kitty 🙂
Claude says, “PURR.”
Featherwing awaits Thuri’s question with bated breath.
Azure bows to Claude, “Mr. The Cat.”
Cyril says, “Well, if you’ve got time, you could always run a test or two.”
Kamare rubs Claude’s head. “Heya kitty.
Thurisaz rumbles, “Featherwing, what would be the first major change you would make to SpinDizzy as a whole in terms of the major Spindizzy arcs? Arcs, related to the refuelling or repair of SpinDizzy or major obstacles that come in our path as we make our way through cosmos.”
Claude leans into rubs, ear-splaying.
Cyril says, “Just let me know before hand so I can study.”
Kamare also, mrrls to Terry.
Mina wows.. deep question!
Kefan turns a little greenish at the question and wobbles slightly where he stands.  “I don’t know where this spaceship thing comes from,” he mutters under his voice.
BunnyHugger says, “That’s a good question.”
Bleu says, “My question pales in comparison.”
Ruby looks towards Kefan.. tilting her head. “You should… visit the engine room… some day… then you’d see why…”
Cyril says, “Allergy attacks, lightning strikes, demons causing chaos, army ants, flash floods, blizzards, Spontaneous combustion…”
Azure perks his ears and glances over at Cyril, “What about lightning strikes?”
Mina looks to Featherwing?
Featherwing ponders this for quite a while. “Are we referring to the Leaper? Otherwise, I’ve yet to be thoroughly involved with these kinds of plots.” He then gives another pondering headtilt. “I personally don’t think, based on lack of participation in the major arcs, that there would be many changes required. As long as people are entertained by it, why fix what isn’t broken?”
Ruby also looks towards Cyril… raises up her right fist and charges it with electricity.. for a ‘lightning mace’ effect.
Kefan says, “Thank you, and Mina, if we can have another from the audience please?”
Mina looks at her card, “What’s something you have learned about running holidays from past mayors and other events?”
Cyril says, “No Ruby, not now.”
Thurisaz nods and lowers his head to Featherwing, smiling :>
Terrence blinks at Ruby. Figured her for more of a… fire critter.
Ruby tilts her head at Cyril… not quite sure what he means. “You said lightning…. not me…
Kandra . o O ( …invasive, malicious nanotechnology…ratmen from Mars…giant golems wielded by a mad-as-in-furiously-angry wizard… )
Ruby is a fire critter. she’s just not limited to her own body as far as gear goes.
Terrence ooohs. Noses Ruby’s gear, and her, curiously.
Ruby nudges Terrence away.
Bleu says, “I have learned that listening to you, the fine citizens, we can make events and holidays better. Your input counts 110%. Your opinion is the most valuable.”
Terrence yip
Terrence goes back to nommin’ Kammy’s ears, then.
Kandra blinks, “Well, I’m not sure Jukka really taught us much about running events… and before that we had No Mayor, as far as I remember… so not much there. I’m not even sure if I’ve been around when there was a mayor other than Jukka.”
Kandra rubs her eyes, trying to think.
Thurisaz rumbles, “From past mayors, it’s always important to try to make an appearence for major events. In terms of planning events, having a good agenda and sticking to it is importnat. but most importantly? Make sure as many people enjoy the events as possible.”
Sirianna purrs and answers, “Just having a theme isn’t sufficient to involve people. You have to provide a reason to get involved – a competition, a themed meal, something that takes the theme and opens it up to more than just observance. You have to take what people want to be involved in, and provide them a runway.”
BunnyHugger applauds!
Featherwing ‘vees, “From past mayors? Just make sure you’re present, or in lieu of that, find someone capable of keeping some modicum of order and organization.”
Kandra says, “Oh, that’s a good one.”
Terrence cheers!
Azure yips, “What I’ve learned about running events, holidays in general, is never underestimate the power of the unexpected. Of course there are things people like to do and all, and there’s nothing wrong with a nice, simple get-together with a theme, or a roleplayed banquet or the like. But if you can think up something that people haven’t done before, you really catch their interest and have something people really enjoy. Of course if something unexpected is worth doing once it’s worth doing again, so going back in history and recycling the unexpected into current time is pretty good, too.”
Valleyminks likes to have a vague idea of what all is going on.
Jukka shows himself out before a lynch mob forms to ride him out of town on a rail.
Jukka has the room swing up to meet Mayor’s Office, and leaves.  ([MO] Mayor’s Office to follow.)
Jukka has left.
Tash-Ki’ira nods.  “Neither do I, but I’ve been around seyae for over a year now.
Kandra meeps.
BunnyHugger rolls her eyes.
Kandra feels like her brain is malfunctioning and she doesn’t even have a brain.
Kefan says, “Okay, last question in the round-robin round, and then it’s all open questions — I’d like to remind candidates to page/whisper any questions they might have for one or all other candidates to me please.  Featherwing, your question for Kandra please?”
Azure noses Kandra, o/` Oh life’s a dismal caper, when you’re a whitish vapor, amorphously ad-lib. o/`
Kandra dismally vapors.
Azure yips, “Oh, I was just quoting the Wizard of Oz.”
Azure yips, “Sort of.”
Azure yips, “Your comment about brains reminded me of it.”
Kandra says, “I’ve never seen it.”
Sirianna whispers, “What thing has Jukka done during his term that you think is the most worth emulating?” to you.
Azure yips, “Oh! It has someone dancing around singing about not having a brain, someone else singing about not having a heart, another person dancing around singing about not having courage, and how much happier they’d be if they could get said things.”
Thurisaz turns to hear FeatherWing’s question and Kandra’s answer.
Kandra ahs. She DOES know the story…
Kandra… sort of…
Azure earswivels to Featherwing.
Terrence remembers it being about a couple of ladies having a disagreement about shoes.
Kandra . o O ( The War of The Shoe? )
Featherwing hmms, looks over his notes, then asks, “You say in your platform that you hope to make a chat room (of sorts) for Spin, please briefly explain a bit more about that.”
Kandra rubs her eyes, frowning.
Bleu leans forward, listening.
Kandra says, “Well, it’s an idea. You might remember I also said I haven’t really looked into the technical plausibility of such an endeavour. Basically the idea was to have some kind of channel, the type you get on MUSH’s where people type +p <stuff> and everyone who’s ‘tuned’ to that channel sees [Public] Someone says, “<stuff>”, only with some kind of convoluted in-character lore to have it be a sort of locationless space for people to interact ICly in a casual way, or some such. I think we might have something that can sort of do that, but I don’t know if it works on zombies… I remember there being a MUF program I found on the Internet somewhere that could do channels, as well, but I don’t know how to audit MUF code for whether or not it would work or is acceptably secure and such.”
Bleu hmms.
BunnyHugger says, “Something like that is already possible via @shout channels.”
Kandra says, “Yeah, Ping said something about it being possible to make an alias for one or something like that. I know there’s something called fox-com.muf too, but I haven’t looked into it.”
Austin nods, “fox-com.muf would be the radio system.”
Kefan says, “And that ends our round robin phase of the mayoral debate.  We are now in open questions — audience, please page/whisper further questions you might have to Mina, and candidates, same to me.  We’re going to open this phase of the debate with a question from one of the candidates to the field: What has Mayor Jukka done during his term that you think is most worth emulating?”
Bleu clears his throat. “Well, he’s tried to attend every event. That should be emulated.”
Kandra says, “Indeed.”
Bleu . o O ( Boy, I just have the best answers… Not. )
Sirianna purrrls queitly, “He put his own spin on the office in a way that I think was fairly memorable, regardless of what you think of it he definitely had a style and personality that wasn’t like any of the previous mayors.”
Kandra nods.
Bleu says, “That’s true.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “For the time I’ve been able to interact with Jukka, it would be the hoofed pride he has – that is respectable in the way it has spread to many SDers to making hoofed morphs. His spontaneous and BUCK NAKED nature shall be remembered.”
Azure yips, “I generally enjoy being kidnapped, when it happens, and I would like to follow Mr. Kurenniemi’s example of abduction if I have the chance.”
Bleu shows off his hooves, too.
Featherwing nods to Jukka and says. “Buck was there for everyone. ‘cept when he isn’t. Even then his presence is felt.”
Terrence scribbles a note or two down, looking at Azure.
Bleu says, “Kidnapping would be great fun.”
Kandra says, “I can think of some things that are noteable about Jukka, but I think the one I’d be most likely to think of emulating would be that he seemed very good at being himself. I’m not personally a tremendous fan of hooved creatures or what have you.”
Kandra says, “So obviously, I would do it differently.”
Kandra says, “…not that I DISLIKE them, but Jukka actually really likes them.”
Bleu says, “That is the best. To be yourself.”
Kefan says, “Thank you!  Mina, I think you have another question from the floor?”
Ruby looks over at Terrence.. begins sort of watching him, now.
Mina uh huhs!  “If you end up as Vice Mayor, what would your vices be?”
Terrence’s tail thump-thump-thumps on the floor. He looks happy. n.n
Ping yawns a little.
Tash-Ki’ira chuckles.
Kefan says, “I am genuinely disappointed I didn’t think to ask that myself.  XD”
Bleu blushes…
Bleu says, “Well….”
Azure yips, “I have expressed my favored of the canonical vices numerous times: Pride. And I’m danged proud of it, too.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “Cookies. I’d ask to taste people’s cookies in return for my cookies o.o”
Bleu says, “Mischief. I love pranks.”
Terrence will have to toss Thurisaz some cookies.
Sirianna purrs, “Food and drink. I was part of a group that ran a bar, I’m now involved in a food truck … you could say there’s a pattern.”
Bleu says, “I shall prank everyone, demonically.”
BunnyHugger slips out.  It’s past her bedtime.  She waves as she scarpers.
Azure waves, “Good night.”
BunnyHugger hops off toward home.
Kandra says, “Acedia. Gloom. Lack of motivation. Unhappiness. Possibly chocolate but that’s not really a vice. Folly. Constantly rewriting my own statements and second-guessing myself before I say anything. …but that’s not a vice either, is it?”
Ping becomes slightly more alert, having heard cookies mentioned?
Featherwing ‘vees, “Lots of juice from my Juice Bar, and overall cuddlyness when in a fluffy form.”
Bleu says, “Love!”
Ruby looks towards Featherwing.. “That doesn’t seem… like much of a vice…”
Valleyminks stretches, goes over and kisses Ping. Mink’re a go bed in a little.
Ping hugs minks.
Kandra says, “Also, I don’t think the office of the Vice Mayor is about vices.”
Bleu says, “Someone thinks it is.”
Askric says, “It certainly /could/ be about vices.”
Kefan chuckles.  “Okay.  Bleu, I believe you have a question for your fellow candidates?”
Tash-Ki’ira growls, “that depends on how old the juice is..”
Bleu says, “I do, yes.”
Azure turns, fixing Bleu with his gaze.
Azure’s ears swivel, ready to devour the question and rend it sense from reference.
Kandra looks at Bleu.
Bleu stands. “Fellow candidates. What are your favorite animals, and movie?”
Somewhere on the muck, BunnyHugger has disconnected.
Bleu says, “I shall answer, as well.”
Kandra gives Bleu this flat look. “I don’t have a favorite animal and I can count the number of movies I’ve seen on one hand.”
Kamare whispers, “How long is the scheduled to go on for?” to you.
Kandra says, “So the answer is: No.”
Featherwing ‘vees, “ANimals? Ferrets and otts for their slinky-ness. Movies? Anything Studio Ghibli.”
Bleu says, “My favorite animal is the otter (duh), and my favorite film is The Wizard of Oz.”
Thurisaz pauses, he has to think about that.
Bleu gives Kandra an equally flat look.
Vivek nods to Claude.
Azure yips, “My favorite movie is, if I have to pick one, probably Forbidden Planet. Or maybe Citizen Kane, they’re the two I try to make everyone watch and that I never get bored of. I only really have a favorite animal when I’m in heated, interesting discussion with omeone I’m nestled up against and, in that case, it’s whatever animal I’m in heated, interesting discussion with.”
Sirianna purrls, “The maned wolf, because it is well and truly omnivorous in a way that few other predators are. My favorite movie is American Beauty, because suburban dystopian is something I think resonates across all the human hives I’ve seen in my life.”
Bleu says, “Ah, Citizen Kane. and Forbidden Planet. I admire your taste, Azure.”
Kandra says, “I’ve never seen those.”
Azure yips, “I’m just not good at having favorites, it’s one of the inherent problems of honestly believing there are multiple most wonderful things in the world at once.”
Kefan can strongly recommend both, for their own reasons.
Azure yips, “I can tell you why Maned Wolves are the most wonderful thigns in the world, and why ocelots, tardigrades, and fossas are, too, without seeing a problem with this.”
Kandra says, “And I don’t have a favorite animal because (A) I don’t know a ton of zoology and (B) I just…don’t…get that enthusiastic about stuff.”
Kandra says, “SO THERE.”
Tash-Ki’ira has to agreed.  Tardigrades ARE awesome.  Dip it in liquid nitro, thaw it out?  It’s alive.  Heat it to the point everything else died?  It’s fine once you let it cool down.
Askric pages, “We can still submit questions from the audience?” to you.
Thurisaz rumbles, “Animal? Dragons. What movie? That’s difficult. It’s a split between ‘The Boat That Rocked’ and ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'”
Kefan says, “All right – Mina, if we can have another floor question please?”
Vivek perks, and smiles.
Mina nods!  Reading… “I’d like to know the candidates’ relationship to the SED and what their plans are for interacting with it and other established groups.”
Vivek says, “Can I just-”
Kandra says, “Aha.”
Bleu stands. “I have no relationship to the SED. However, I have plans to make peace with their leadership for the future of SpinDizzy.
Thurisaz whispers, “Just gotta ask morticon what my official placement is with the SED” to you.
Kandra stands up, folding her arms. “I dislike the Society of Evil Doers with a burning, fiery vehemence and plan to distrust them, work against them, and refuse to pass any legislature granting them any powers or positive effects whatsoever. My relationship with them is one of hostility and mutual hatred, as it should be, because I do not like dictators. Especially smug dictators. And ESPECIALLY smug dictators who want to take over the world and abridge the freedoms of others without asking first.”
Kandra sits down.
Azure yips, “No current relationship. I don’t have any plans involving groups. I plan to help every individual show off their stories and showcase their interests and explore what’s special to them. Some of those individuals are part of other, large stories. So if folks who happen to be memvers of a group want to do something and have a party in their awesome secret base, that’s fantastic and I’d love to help coordinate it.”
Featherwing ‘vees, “I’m neutral in regards to the SED. I will gladly assist in public outings, but private matters I’d prefer to stay out of unless it involves me directly.”
Sirianna purrs, “I am not a member of the SED, but my genetics lab has had SED members as patients there for purely personal procedures. As a person interested in helping others, I refuse to turn away patients based on political affiliations. As Mayor, I would like to involve them in group events, such as organizing tours of their facilities, and setting up fairs. By the same token, I intend to reach out to the Neopolis Police Department, the AAPC, and any other major organization that I can for the same thing. I view one of the central tenets of the job to be coordinating efforts amongst interested parties for the entertainment of all.”
Thurisaz stands a bit higher, “As many know, I have a association with the SED. Mainly due to the medical assistance I have recieved from them. My interactions with several of their soldiers on and off as an extension to the project that the SED and I are working within my mountains. I am a person of interest to them. My stand is that I wish to interact with them more, the structure of the organization is interesting and fun to work with, and being able to open more venues for people to interact with them. I plan on reaching out to other organizations to do the same, as they have long standing history and interesting leadership structures that have lead to what they are today.”
Bleu says, “I plan to involve their members in events as well.”
Kefan says, “Interestingly, we have a candidate-offered question that’s related to that, but subtly different.  Candidates… what is your view of the SED?”
Kandra likely would be less swift refuse some SED member who asked something of her because they thought it would make them, personally, happier, than she would to tell SED members who showed up to do or demand whatever SED thing it was to get lost. Unless it was, like… the ability to control the mind of anyone they met or something.
Bleu says, “Ah, I view the SED as a group that is largely misunderstood. Morticon is not easy to get along with, but I believe, with work, harmony *can* be reached between the Citezens and the SED.”
Kandra says, “…OOCly, I think they’re a perfectly fine group and run interesting stories (though mostly private ones) at times. Morticon showing up and making mischief is amusing when it happens. ICly, however, as mentioned, I dislike them intensely.”
Featherwing ‘vees, “Again, I remain neutral to the goings on of the SED, so I see them in a group that participates in things around Spin.”
Azure shrugs his shoulders, “I think they suffer greatly from having almost everything be heavily boxed and restricted, mainly.”
Kandra lifts her ears, “Huh, that’s a good point…”
Mina has to get going for now. 🙁  She had fun co-hosting!  Any questions she has not yet asked were transferred to Kefan.
Thurisaz rumbles, “The SED is an organization that has changed leadership and it’s goals have changed over the years and so far have been changing for the better lately. I do believe Morticon is misunderstood as a leader. It’s an interesting group that has very interesting plots, and scenes available. Very structured RP that helps things move along quickly.”
Sirianna mulls over her answer for a few moments before giving it. “They’re a military organization that has laid claim to the southern half of the planetoid. They’ve overstepped their boundaries in some egregious ways in the past, but they’re not alone in that particular column. They’re a solid group of storytellers who do a pretty darn good job of contributing to the overall atmosphere of this world, and I think they’re part of its essential character.”
Mina waves!
Mina is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Mina has left.
Kandra has a pretty serious dichotomy between what she thinks of the SED ICly and what she thinks of them OOCly, as you can tell.
Kefan says, “Actually, I was about to announce that questions are now closed, in the interest of finishing at a sane hour.  :”
Thurisaz nods at Kefan
Thurisaz rumbles, “I would like to ask a question to the candidates specifically, out of this debate arena.”
Kefan says, “We do have a couple more, and I rather wish Mina had stuck around long enough for me to thank her publicly, but we’ll ensure that’s on the record when the transcript is published.”
Kandra nods at Thurisaz?
Kefan says, “I have another question from the audience, and it is this: Describe what you would consider the very best day one can have on Spindizzy, and how you hope to make more of those happen.”
Bleu says, “The very best day is a day involving friends, fun, and rp. I just hope to be a friend to all the citizens, in an effort to inculcate more fun. Thank you.”
Ruby perks an ear at that… takes a few minutes to process, and properly say “Safety, order, and Justice.. real justice, proper ‘eye for an eye’ justice where one does not just go to prison for maiming someone. they get the same in return.”
Ruby says, “A day filled with… that would be really… nice.”
Thurisaz rumbles, “Spending that day with friends. Being able to play, listen, console and be the very best to one another, sometimes for the whole day, others for a short time. So far, almost everyday I’ve been here has been such – and to achieve that, being yourself and being a someone willing to make friends in this environment of ours is important to have that happen.”
Sirianna purrs, “The very best day you can have here is encountering something wonderful and outside whatever you’ve come across before. What I want to do is use the events to help bring some of those ideas to people, in hopes that I can share some of what I’ve discovered along the way with others.”
Azure yips, “As I may have mentioned before, when people are miserable, bored, and such, they’re all basically miserable, bored, and such in the same, uninteresting way. You just sort of collapse in and lose a lot of capacity for doing or thinking much of anything. As your mind revs up and you find something that really fascinates you, you can run along with it in various directions further and further. There’s no BEST day, there’s an uncountable number of directions you can dash off to infinity. I plan to help people try as many possible directions and run as far along them as possible to taste and smell and feel as many varieties of happiness as possible.”
Kandra rubs the side of her head. “I might lean a bit towards finding all the people you liked online and together in one spot, preferrably somewhere interesting and pleasant, so you could go to where they were and lean against them and talk to them and things, but…that’s mostly out of my control. I suppose I could try to have the park of the day set to various pleasant and interesting spots more regularly, though, or something along those lines. It’s sometimes nice to have a storyline to be involved in, but not always. It is often nice when someone does something interesting and unusual, though.”
Kandra rubs her eyes.
Ruby reaches up and tries to help Kandra rub her eyes.. now that the debate seems to be over.
Kandra would blink, but, um…
Ruby is just ignorant/slow as usual, then. no big surprise.
Sirianna gently scritches Kandra and Azure.
Bleu stretches.
Ruby also discharges her taser glove into Azure.. because it doesn’t have a proper self-grounding function.
Azure smiles, sitting up and nuzzling Ruby.
Kandra attempts to prop herself up by thinking happy thoughts.   It doesn’t seem to be working.
Terrence d’awws.
Kandra goes back to using sheer force of will, which works a little better, but not much.
Featherwing snugs Kandra. “Subjective question… Depends on who the day is for.” (Is brainfarting a bit)
Azure nuzzles Sirianna’s hand, too.
Kefan says, “Okay.  Last candidate question, and I believe Bleu had a question for one of the candidates?”
Bleu nods, standing again. “Yes. A question for Azure.”
Ping props up Kandra by offering to be leaned against.
Azure lifts his ears?
Darius zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Darius says, “Wah!”
Bleu says, “Mr. Varisha, if elected, I want to know if you will show favoritism towards your siblings by appointing them deputies, or will you appoint anyone?”
Kandra looks at Bleu for a moment, then looks up at the sky and leans against Ping.
Ruby isn’t sure… Azure is even capable of favoritism. even slightly… but she’ll let him do the answering.
Azure yips, “I plan to appoint people generally, basing it on how enthusiastic people are about helping to orchestrate nifty things in the world and what kind of ideas they had. By that toekn some of the people ont his stage would be the first people I’d grab and impress into service.”
Terrence is certain Azure has favorites! He just stated earlier that he can have multiple favorites at once!
Kefan says, “Our last question is for the field: The position of mayorship involves interesting events.  What will the candidates do to bring perilous or curious situations for the rest of us to enjoy, or will they find others to cause a ruckus to solve?”
Bleu says, “As mayor, I hope to get kidnapped, to continue the grand tradition.”
Bleu says, “I need help to be kidnapped, of course.”
Tash-Ki’ira makes notes.
Thurisaz rumbles, “A mix of both. As mayor, i do plan on creating exciting events, and allowing those interested to run such events as well. There are a lot of places still untouched in SpinDizzy that can be a great starting point to create a long-standing RP arc to gather as many willing to join and participate. One such idea is to use the satellite array, once complete, to be able to navigate and communicate with the many ships that orbit just out of reach around SpinDizzy, as well as be used to see as we manouver our little chunk of life around to refuel and such.”
Kandra says, “Well, that’s pretty specific. I can’t say I have any amazing ideas bumping around my head at the moment, but if elected I would probably try to find people to cause a ‘ruckus’, as you put it, if I couldn’t think of anything myself.”
Thurisaz feels bad for whoever has to kidnap him in full size x.x
Azure yips, “I can claim with some pride that I have been…around for and in some cases cannot escape blame for some events that have endangered the world in interesting ways. A lot of them seemed to be seriously enjoyed by the people who joined in on them. The world has not been in danger for a while, and it is kind of cute to have the world nearly end all the time as a running joke. But I think the main appeal to that kind of ‘danger’ when done right is that it gives you an interesting puzzle and idea to explore with an immediate motivation to figuring it out. You don’t actually have to have an Existential Crisis for that, though. I think we can have, and I intend to help orchestrate, a good number of non-crisis, completely harmless and generally light-hearted situations like running into other cultures as we pass through their space, running into puzzling transmissions or phenomena, life NOT as we know it, or whatever I or someone else can come up with. One of the things about the leaper I’m most proud of is that pretty much everybody who’s been involved in it has run a story. And I’d like to help people who haven’t had much experience with open, public storytelling on a large scale take an idea they have and share it with everyone.”
Sirianna purrs quietly, “I suppose my answer will start with ‘why not both?’ I would love to enable folks to start ruckuses without me, and I plan on starting a few messes of my own. I plan on trying to bring some sort of new experience connected to each holiday as it comes in turn, and I certainly have some designs on the festival of colors and a monsoon festival. While I’d like to avoid giving my schemes away outright, as to preserve the twists, I will say I’m certainly looking for a large dam and potentially would love to run into somebody that might have access to an especially curious swarm of nanorobots.”
Tash-Ki’ira . o O ( how the BLEEP do you kidnap a full-sized dragon that almost won a brawl against a small horde of SED soldiers? )
Cyril . o O ( dragon nip? )
Azure notes to Thurisaz that he could always end up taller through cartoonish means and then just pick him up and carrying him off 🙂
( ( With his permission and co-operation ) )
Terrence shall cause a ruckus. He shall tip over the cows, and drink the booze.
Sirianna would like to think that starting a ruckus shouldn’t be limited to the mayor by any measure.
Kandra nods!
Vivek griiiins a few moments.
Thurisaz grins at Azure, he remembers that. He’d lick and play with Azure’ whiskers all day – oblivious to being kidnapped :>
Kandra . o O ( …it’s just the ideas. And the motivation. And…thinking of it as something you might do and then deciding to do it. )
Kefan will give Featherwing a chance to return before declaring an end to the evening’s festivities…
Azure . o O ( Vibrissae: The Terrifying Giant Fox Monster’s Secret Weapon. )
Kandra . o O ( So maybe part of the Mayor’s office should be encouraging people to do things. )
Kandra might actually say that out loud.
Terrence wiggles whiskers. Sniffs at bloofox.
Terrence isn’t quite in range to nose him, though 🙂
Sirianna, tallelot and continued debate platform of foxenkind.
Ruby makes a note to develop a division of ‘soldiers’ specific to taking Azure down… likely well-trained child prodigies that love to ask questions.
Kefan hums the ‘Final Jeopardy’ theme.
Azure . o O ( Obviously Kandra will be the Master Mischief Maker. )
Featherwing scrolls up (ooc: Sorry, bug issue (And not the technical one))
Terrence is frightened that Ruby’s plan could actually work!
Azure curls up and nuzzles Sirianna’s ear, closing hsi eyes.
Ruby should hope it would! she spends weeks putting together teams of people meant to take down specific targets.
Azure grins at Ruby, “Is my one weakness that obvious?”
Ruby looks to Azure..? “Yes… But I’m also… very apt… at piecing weaknesses… toghether myself…”
Ruby says, “every proper defence force… should be able to brag about that…”
Terrence rubs his eyes. It’s way past foxbedtiem.
Featherwing ‘vees, “Depends on how creative I am. If I can come up with a good plot, I’ll start the ruckus. Otherwise, anyone that wants to plan some ruckus can come to me and let me know they’re gonna start a hullaballoo.”
Azure does think it was nice to be able to let Thurisaz have someone to hold him and curl up against for a bit, since he almost certainly doesn’t usually.
Twospade zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.
Terrence can’t hold his eyes open any longer. Snugs folks, scoots on home to sleep!
Kamare nods to Terry. Way past vixbedtiem too.
Terrence goes home.
Thurisaz does enjoy that. He enjoys that a lot when he’s smaller, like he is now – to take advantage of that :3
Claude says, “Hi, Twospade!”
Kamare will be off as well.
Kefan says, “Okay!  Ladies, gentlemen, both, and neither, this ends the 2015 Spindizzy mayoral debate.  I would like to thank our six candidates, our audience, and also Mina for her invaluable help!”
Azure claps for the audience, for being such a good audience!
Kandra applauds.
Kandra then falls over.
Thurisaz noses all the candidates
Sirianna claps for everyone involved.
Thurisaz nuzzles Sirianna!
Thurisaz nuzzles Bleu!
Twospade says, “Hello claude.”
Thurisaz nuzzles Featherwing!
Kefan says, “I suppose this means Spin Alley is now officially open.  :D”
Thurisaz nuzzles Kandra!
Askric claps in general, because everyone else is after all.
Thurisaz Nuzzles Azure!
Azure pets over Thurisaz’s nose.
Azure yips, “Spin Alley?”
Vivek belatedly gives some claps as well. “Delightful, delightful. Pardon my tardiness.”
Ruby starts turning around and around and around in place.
Kefan says, “Yeah.  Although I don’t see a lot of need for spinning the debate… that went quite smoothly, if I do say so m’self.”
Cyril hugs Vivek.
Tash-Ki’ira waves to all and considers stuff.  “Night, folks.  I need some sleep..
Claude says, “Night.”
Thurisaz turns to the other candidates, “I’d like to ask what the other candidates think of this, outside of the debate.” he pauses shortly, “So far, we’ve had a very civil, very subdued campaign. Far from stereotypical politics with backstabbing and drama. Do you think it’s because, as candidates, we’re running to be who we are, as ourselves to be in office – and our personalities, goals and interests, all seem somewhat alike to one another?”
Bleu claps belatedly
Kandra blinks
Kandra says, “…I have no idea.”
Twospade says, “It looks like people would rather go to bed.”
Kefan is just happy to have no backstabbing and drama.  😀
Bleu says, “I think yes, Thurisaz”
Thurisaz is happy to say, so far, he’s having a darn grand time. Elected or not, he’s having a blast :>
Vivek oofs, then grins, and gives Cyril all but a bearhug as good as he can.
Kandra says, “And I’ve only experienced a few campaigns so who knows.”
Dragoncat steps off of the floating disk that carried him up.
Dragoncat has arrived.
Ruby says, “I think it’s… because there are… actually rules against… backstabbing and drama… in place.”
Dragoncat waves!
Bleu hugs Twospade!
Twospade says, “Hi Bleu”
Cyril piles on the bat!
Claude street luges away…
Claude has left.
Azure lifts his ears and looks at Thurisaz.
Tash-Ki’ira teleports away.
Tash-Ki’ira has left.
Vivek squirms and wiggles out from under Cyril, before throwing a tarp over him. He looks to Ruby. “Well, yes, yes, there was plenty of that in previous debates after all.”
Ruby says, “but… I’m not a candidate… so I guess that doesn’t… really count…”
Ping does need to go sleep. Has been drifting in that direction for a while now.
Sirianna nod-nods to Thurisaz, and thinks for a moment.
You whisper, “Kefan grins.  :)” to Thurisaz.
Ping squeaks, “Goodnight, everyone.”
Kandra says, “Goodnight.”
Kandra swirls around Ping…
Ping hugs you all, and wanders off to bed.
Azure yips, “I think it’s because none of us have our hopes and passions and self-worth riding on being elected. WHen that happens, that’s when you have all the…awfulness. All of us have ideas of what to do with the job. We think it’d be fun. We think OTHER things would be fun, too. Each of us has plans to take the best of the available ideas, so it’s pretty obvious to everyone that even if they’re NOT elected the person who is will actively try to get them involved in what they’d do if they WERE elected. So we’re functioning more as the Happy Mayoral Cabal.”
Ping is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Ping has left.
Azure yips, “Rather than actual opponents.”
Kandra says, “There’s actually a part of me that would rather just be the Vice Mayor, or even not be elected at all.”
Kandra says, “So…yeah.”
Cyril pulls Vivek back into the cuddlepile!
Kandra says, “I agree with Azure that when you have your hopes and passions and self-worth riding on being elected it would probably get kind of unpleasant, thouhg.”
Thurisaz grins at Azure, “If working with a majority of you with Sithurka was any indication, I think having any number of you elected would be a blast. To have as mayor, and work with, if given the chance.”
Kandra says, “though.”
Ruby pats Kandra… “You need… more confidence… in yourself…”
Sirianna prrs, “I think Azure summed up what I wanted to say rather nicely.”
Kandra blinks, looking at Ruby
Thurisaz licks Sirianna!
Kandra says, “I’m just saying that in some ways I’d be happy to let someone else do all the work and enthusiasm of being Mayoral, when you get right down to it.”
Sirianna hugs Thurisaz!
Sirianna is really tired, sorry for slow.
Dragoncat giggles to Kandy.
Twospade hugs Dragoncat!
Dragoncat snugs Spades.
Azure does have Enthusiasm, at least.
Kefan okays and is going to have to bail out himself; he’s going to terminate his log now.  “Thanks again, everyone!”

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