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Apartment Building Collapses

Rumble Rumble Rumble...Yesterday, March 1, 2010, the residents of the City Block Apartment Complex (S4 W4) found themselves in an uncomfortable situation when the ground began shaking early in the afternoon. Resident manager, Chippy, sounded an alarm out of safe practice, sending residents Mat, Sparky, JonnyAMax, Snowy, and Pearl and visitor Kiddo to the streets only to catch a glimpse of the building shake for a moment then suddenly cave in on itself. Nobody was harmed, but the damage to the area is near irreversible and the manager was quick to hold a meeting outside with the conscious occupants Pearl and Kiddo. Jimun the red panda had found himself coming to the property as well when his attempt to make contact with Chip failed.

A reporter was able to get hold of the mouse for a meeting this morning to talk about the happening. He had still been tattered and soiled from the vast amounts of dust and dirt from several attempts to enter the building and retrieve food and water for the residents and guest. “There was a loud growling underfoot,” Chippy said. “I felt in my soles that there was something big happening so I did what I knew. I pulled the fire alarm and got everybody out!” He credits his intuition to a set of very ticklish feet which makes him quite aware of vibrations in the ground. “No, of course I will not build another complex,” he added. “This is it; I’ve learned what I learned through building that place and my skills have grown since Day One. Somewhere between connect #1 and #1040, I’ve decided that if the complex ever fell, I’d move into a simpler lifestyle, a smaller home, and live happy.”

The other guests seemed to be relatively unaffected by the happening. Pearl commented that she “has the nightclub, which has always been [her] fallback spot” and Kiddo simply pointed out that she had been a guest and is living with a close friend elsewhere. The other tenants were not available for comment.

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