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2014 Christmas Tree Retired

on January 14, 2015 by Morticon in Events, News, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

On Monday, the 2014 Christmas Tree was retired after curing the tree of a disease. When the tree started looking sickly over the past few days, people in the Rose […]


Xmas Puns

on December 20, 2013 by Gilead in Columns, Comments (0)

Q: What pulls Santa’s sleigh but is discolored? A: Staindeer. Q: What pulls Santa’s sleigh but really should’ve gone before flying over a populated area? A: Raindeer. Q: What pulls […]


2012 Christmas Tree Appears

on December 10, 2012 by Sally in News, Rose Garden, Comments (0)

SpinDizzy’s annual Christmas tree has once again appeared in the Rose Garden.  As in years past, the newly-appeared tree is small and spindly with its base wrapped in a blue […]